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15 Mernok Str
Szazhalombatta (2440)
Telefon +36308973667

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The Battaring is located in the vicinity of Budapest, operating the most modern outdoor rental karting facility in the region. The service offered by our company exclusively covers a wide range of training and fun, from the area of racing and driving. Our main profile is to provide a high quality opportunity for rental kart racing, to organize summer kart-training camps for kids and to organize events on demand. In addition to the karting opportunity we have a lot of driving trainer facilities to rent, like simulators, "drunk" googles and crash pads. We usually organize Safe-Drive trainings held by professional instructors from a driving school operating next to us. Our asphalt covered kart track, used by our world-leader Sodi Karts is 480m long and 5-8m wide, looks like the circuit of Suzuka from the Formula-1 calendar. The aim was to create a special atmosphere both for racing and leisure. The track is equipped with a computerized timing and scoring system, and lighted by huge halogen sources from above, so it is also possible to organize night-time events. It is a great experience for the spectators as well, that complete track is visible from the 1st floor's observation terrace. The track's 510 square metres Event centre -including 2 conference rooms, a lounge, a meeting room and 2 changing rooms- is the perfect solution for business meetings and private appointments up to 100 guests. Catering service can also be arranged upon request. In case of groups, our partner's Mercedes Tourismo coaches are available to carry the visitors to the track and back home. The Battaring can easily be reached on the M6 Highway, which reduces the time of the journey from the downtown of Budapest to 30 minutes by car. The track can also be reached by public transport taking the suburban train from the Southern railway station of Budapest. See You there, Racer!
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Outdoor250 Meter0:18:966
Outdoor480 Meter0:27:740

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07.10.2017Battaring Gokart tábor SzuperKupa 2017...SODI GT5-R 11
25.08.2017JUNIOR CUP #7SODI GT5-R 7
25.08.2017JUNIOR CUP #8SODI GT5-R 7
16.07.2017ENDURANCE #1SODI GT4 8
07.07.2017SPRINT CUP #11SODI GT5-R 12
07.07.2017SPRINT CUP #12SODI GT5-R 12
30.06.2017JUNIOR CUP #5SODI GT5-R 6
30.06.2017JUNIOR CUP #6SODI GT5-R 6
02.06.2017SPRINT CUP #7SODI GT5-R 7
02.06.2017SPRINT CUP #8SODI GT5-R 7
26.05.2017JUNIOR CUP #3SODI GT5-R 6
26.05.2017JUNIOR CUP #4SODI GT5-R 6
14.05.2017SPRINT CUP #5SODI GT5-R 6
14.05.2017SPRINT CUP #6SODI GT5-R 6
14.04.2017SPRINT CUP #3SODI GT5-R 8
14.04.2017SPRINT CUP #4SODI GT5-R 8
07.04.2017SPRINT CUP #1SODI GT5-R 11
07.04.2017SPRINT CUP #2SODI GT5-R 11
07.04.2017JUNIOR CUP #1 SODI GT5-R 6
07.04.2017JUNIOR CUP #2SODI GT5-R 6