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SWS INTERNATIONAL FINALS 2017 - National quotas estimation is out !


Dear Drivers !


As you all know, the SODI WORLD SERIES are becoming more and more popular around the world and each year, the selection to the SODI WORLD FINALS becomes harder than ever. Among the historical SWS nations such as France, Italia, Belgium, Russia and UAE, many newcomers are pushing hard and have organized many races in 2016 to optimize their chances to send drivers from their track to the year’s biggest leisure karting event of the world.


This year, 80 SPRINT CUP drivers, 40 ENDURANCE CUP teams and 40 JUNIOR CUP drivers will be qualified to the 2017 Sodi World Finals.



Sodi World Finals : selection process


The selection process to the Sodi World Finals is fully explained in the 2016 SWS regulations – available on the SWS website – but can be summarized in the following schema :





National selection : quotas per nation


As seen in the above schema, most drivers qualify to the Sodi World Finals by the national quotas selection. This selection’s aim is to reflect as much as possible the variety of tracks, races and drivers who participate to the SWS worldwide.


Based on the 2016 season from January to September, we have calculated the following first estimation of the 2017 SODI WORLD FINALS national quotas: 






3 months left to get your qualification !


These figures are given as an indication and may still slightly evolve depending on the remaining 3 months of the season… It’s now time to push hard and give your last efforts to get your ticket to get a chance to defend your colors on the 2017 Sodi World Finals.


The definitive quotas and the official qualification lists will be known at the end of the season, so until then… keep racing !


The SWS Team. 


For any question related to the national quotas or to the qualification mode for the Sodi World Finals, feel free to contact us anytime on the email