Official track
ul. 3 Maja 69c
SOPOT (81-850)
Phone +48 692 277 978

Rankings 2018: Top 10

Scheduled races

2018-08-26KartCenter Sopot + SWS vol.6SODI GT5-R


At KartCenter, we have always done our best to provide the top level services. Thanks to large space of our track, up to 12 competitors can race together. Advanced AMB timing system allows measuring laptimes with accuracy up to 1/1000s. The system enables spectators to watch the races live on LCD screens. As the race is over, drivers get personalized printouts with detailed laptime information. We regularly arrange large special occasion events, such as corporate and social meetings, stag parties, birthday celebrations etc. Kartcenter can be a place for great fun for single visitors as well as groups of any size. We are situated within walking distance from the town centre of Sopot, polish most popular summer resort. This location, between Gdansk and Gdynia, in the middle of Tricity metropoly, makes us easy accessible from all directions. The track uses former railway reloading depot, and racing next to passing trains gives it that extra industrial feeling. KartCenter Sopot brings entirely new standards to polish amateur kart racing. The race track is 520 meters long and offers the minimum width of 6 meters. It is covered with a special kind of asphalt. Maximum grip, lots of space for overtaking and a 30-meter bridge ensure extreme excitement! Specially reinforced barriers made of polyethylene guarantee the highest level of safety. Price includes full additional equipment: helmets, suits, gloves.
TypeLengthBest lap
Outdoor520 Meters0:00:000

Completed races

2018-08-12KartCenter Sopot + SWS vol.5SODI GT5-R 12
2018-07-15KartCenter Sopot + SWS vol.4SODI GT5-R 15
2018-07-01KartCenter Sopot + SWS vol.3SODI GT5-R 21
2018-06-10KartCenter Sopot + SWS vol.2SODI GT5-R 13
2018-04-08KartCenter Sopot + SWS vol.1SODI GT5-R 27
2016-10-29KartCenter SWS 1.8SODI GT5 11
2016-10-28KartCenter SWS 1.7SODI GT5-R 11
2016-08-28Turniej gokartowy KartCenter Sopot + SW...SODI GT5-R 16
2016-07-24Turniej gokartowy KartCenter Sopot + SW...SODI GT5 12
2016-07-10Turniej gokartowy KartCenter Sopot + SW...SODI GT5-R 13
2016-06-12Turniej gokartowy KartCenter Sopot + SW...SODI GT5-R 21
2016-05-15Turniej Gokartowy w KartCenter v.1.2SODI GT5-R 20
2016-04-24Turniej na Otwarcie sezonu 2016SODI GT5-R 20