Official track
Glushkova ave. 9
KYIV (01010)
Phone +380503588338

Rankings 2018: Top 10

Scheduled races

2018-04-24Lite LeagueSODI GT4
2018-04-25Champions League season 1, steage 2SODI GT4
2018-05-01Lite LeagueSODI GT4
2018-05-02Champions League season 1, steage 3SODI GT4
2018-05-08Lite LeagueSODI GT4
2018-05-09Champions League season 1, steage 4SODI GT4
2018-05-15Lite LeagueSODI GT4
2018-05-16Champions League season 1, steage 5SODI GT4
2018-05-22Lite LeagueSODI GT4
2018-05-23Champions League season 1, steage 6SODI GT4
2018-05-29Lite LeagueSODI GT4
2018-05-30Champions League season 1, steage 7SODI GT4
2018-06-06Champions League season 1, steage 8SODI GT4
2018-06-13Champions League season 1, steage 9SODI GT4


We are working since August 2002 and are the best karting-center in Kyiv. ;)
Our fleet includes 14 GT4 Sodi karts with 270cc Honda engines (9 hp).

Races have been our passion for all those years. Our main value is the atmosphere that we aim to create at our center.

Ukrainian team Kozaks, made of our most loyal and fast customers, has taken part in many 24h races in different countries.
TypeLengthBest lap
Outdoor520 Meters0:38:100

Completed races

2018-04-22F1up, stage 1SODI GT4
2018-04-18Champions League season 1, steage 1SODI GT4
2017-11-12Iron ManSODI GT4 12
2017-11-08Champions League season 3, steage 10SODI GT4 15
2017-11-07Lite LeagueSODI GT4 25
2017-11-06F1up, stage 8SODI GT4 13
2017-11-04F1up, stage 9SODI GT4 11
2017-11-01Champions League season 3, steage 9SODI GT4 9
2017-10-31Lite LeagueSODI GT4 15
2017-10-29The Great Races. Grand FinalSODI GT4 6
2017-10-25Champions League season 3, steage 8SODI GT4 16
2017-10-24Lite LeagueSODI GT4 25
2017-10-18Champions League season 3, steage 7SODI GT4 10
2017-10-17Lite LeagueSODI GT4 21
2017-10-14The Great Races №14SODI GT4 6
2017-10-13Lite LeagueSODI GT4 21
2017-10-12Champions League season 3, steage 6SODI GT4 13
2017-10-11Champions League season 3, steage 5SODI GT4 16
2017-10-10Lite LeagueSODI GT4 16
2017-10-088h of Need for SpeedSODI GT4 6
2017-09-30The Great Races №13SODI GT4 9
2017-09-28Champions League season 3, steage 4SODI GT4 12
2017-09-23F1up, stage 6SODI GT4 13
2017-09-21Champions League season 3, steage 3SODI GT4 10
2017-09-19Lite LeagueSODI GT4 16
2017-09-16The Great Races №12SODI GT4 7
2017-09-14Champions League season 3, steage 2SODI GT4 12
2017-09-12Lite LeagueSODI GT4 24
2017-09-08Champions League season 3, steage 1SODI GT4 13
2017-09-05Lite LeagueSODI GT4 28
2017-09-02The Great Races №11SODI GT4 11
2017-08-30Champions League season 2, steage 10SODI GT4 18
2017-08-29Lite LeagueSODI GT4 25
2017-08-26F1up, stage 6SODI GT4 12
2017-08-22Lite LeagueSODI GT4 8
2017-08-19The Great Races №10SODI GT4 10
2017-08-16Champions League season 2, steage 9SODI GT4 15
2017-08-15Lite LeagueSODI GT4 29
2017-08-09Champions League season 2, steage 8SODI GT4 15
2017-08-08Lite LeagueSODI GT4 33
2017-08-05The Great Races №9SODI GT4 9
2017-08-02Champions League season 2, steage 7SODI GT4 19
2017-08-01Lite LeagueSODI GT4 31
2017-07-26Champions League season 2, steage 6SODI GT4 19
2017-07-25Lite LeagueSODI GT4 32
2017-07-22The Great Races №8SODI GT4 9
2017-07-19Champions League season 2, steage 5SODI GT4 17
2017-07-18Lite LeagueSODI GT4 31
2017-07-15F1up, stage 5SODI GT4 16
2017-07-12Champions League season 2, steage 4SODI GT4 14
2017-07-11Lite LeagueSODI GT4 28
2017-07-08The Great Races №7SODI GT4 11
2017-07-06Lite LeagueSODI GT4 22
2017-07-05Champions League season 2, steage 3SODI GT4 21
2017-07-02Ukrainian Championship Cup of CitiesSODI GT4 11
2017-06-28Champions League season 2, steage 2SODI GT4 21
2017-06-27Lite LeagueSODI GT4 15
2017-06-24The Great Races №6SODI GT4 12
2017-06-21Champions League season 2, steage 1SODI GT4 15
2017-06-20Lite LeagueSODI GT4 15
2017-06-17F1up, stage 4SODI GT4 16
2017-06-14Champions LeagueSODI GT4 15
2017-06-13Lite LeagueSODI GT4 11
2017-06-10The Great Races №5SODI GT4 12
2017-06-07Champions LeagueSODI GT4 19
2017-06-06Lite LeagueSODI GT4 16
2017-05-31Champions LeagueSODI GT4 18
2017-05-30Lite LeagueSODI GT4 19
2017-05-27The Great Races №2SODI GT4 8
2017-05-24Champions LeagueSODI GT4 18
2017-05-23Lite LeagueSODI GT4 18
2017-05-21F1up, stage 3SODI GT4 15
2017-05-17Champions LeagueSODI GT4 17
2017-05-16Lite LeagueSODI GT4 18
2017-05-13The Great Races №2SODI GT4 6
2017-05-10Champions LeagueSODI GT4 20
2017-05-03Champions LeagueSODI GT4 21
2017-04-29The Great Races №2SODI GT4 7
2017-04-26Champions LeagueSODI GT4 24
2017-04-22F1up, stage 2SODI GT4 16
2017-04-22Iron ManSODI GT4 10
2017-04-19Champions LeagueSODI GT4 21
2017-04-15The Great Races №1SODI GT4 8
2017-04-12Champions LeagueSODI GT4 21
2016-11-05F1up, stage 9SODI GT4 11
2016-11-02Champions LeagueSODI GT4 15
2016-11-01Lite LeagueSODI GT4 10
2016-10-2924 hours of Need for SpeedSODI GT4 9
2016-10-26Champions LeagueSODI GT4 10
2016-10-25Lite LeagueSODI GT4 20
2016-10-23Champions LeagueSODI GT4 15
2016-10-23The Great Races, FinalSODI GT4 8
2016-10-18Lite LeagueSODI GT4 20
2016-10-15F1up, stage 8SODI GT4 18
2016-10-12Champions LeagueSODI GT4 14
2016-10-11Lite LeagueSODI GT4 11
2016-10-08The Great RacesSODI GT4 7
2016-10-05Champions LeagueSODI GT4 12
2016-10-04Lite LeagueSODI GT4 21
2016-10-02F1up, stage 7SODI GT4 13
2016-10-01The Great RacesSODI GT4 9
2016-09-28Champions LeagueSODI GT4 17
2016-09-27Lite LeagueSODI GT4 20
2016-09-24The Great RacesSODI GT4 10
2016-09-21Champions LeagueSODI GT4 15
2016-09-20Lite LeagueSODI GT4 24
2016-09-18Ukrainian Championship Cup of CitiesSODI GT4 40
2016-09-17The Great RacesSODI GT4 12
2016-09-14Champions LeagueSODI GT4 19
2016-09-13Lite LeagueSODI GT4 26
2016-09-11F1up, stage 6SODI GT4 11
2016-09-10The Great RacesSODI GT4 11
2016-09-07Champions LeagueSODI GT4 20
2016-09-06Lite LeagueSODI GT4 29
2016-09-02The Great RacesSODI GT4 8
2016-08-31Champions LeagueSODI GT4 24
2016-08-30Lite LeagueSODI GT4 37
2016-08-30The Great RacesSODI GT4 9
2016-08-24Champions LeagueSODI GT4 12
2016-08-20The Great RacesSODI GT4 10
2016-08-17Champions LeagueSODI GT4 22
2016-08-16Lite LeagueSODI GT4 27
2016-08-13The Great RacesSODI GT4 10
2016-08-10Champions LeagueSODI GT4 18
2016-08-09Lite LeagueSODI GT4 25
2016-08-06The Great RacesSODI GT4 7
2016-08-03Champions LeagueSODI GT4 17
2016-08-02Lite LeagueSODI GT4 27
2016-07-31Champions LeagueSODI GT4 20
2016-07-30Lite LeagueSODI GT4 21
2016-07-30The Great RacesSODI GT4 9
2016-07-29Speedy GonzalesSODI GT4 19
2016-07-23The Great RacesSODI GT4 8
2016-07-20Champions LeagueSODI GT4 17
2016-07-19Lite LeagueSODI GT4 28
2016-07-18Speedy GonzalesSODI GT4 13
2016-07-16The Great RacesSODI GT4 9
2016-07-13Champions LeagueSODI GT4 20
2016-07-12Lite LeagueSODI GT4 24
2016-07-11Speedy GonzalesSODI GT4 18
2016-07-09The Great RacesSODI GT4 11
2016-07-06Champions LeagueSODI GT4 18
2016-07-05Lite LeagueSODI GT4 26
2016-07-04Speedy GonzalesSODI GT4 21
2016-07-02The great racesSODI GT4 10
2016-06-29Champions LeagueSODI GT4 22
2016-06-28Lite LeagueSODI GT4 10
2016-06-27Speedy GonzalesSODI GT4 14
2016-06-22Champions LeagueSODI GT4 19
2016-06-20Speedy GonzalesSODI GT4 13
2016-06-15Champions LeagueSODI GT4 13