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New 2017 SWS Official Regulation


At the very beginning of the 2017 season, we are pleased to inform you about the validity of the 2017 SWS Official Regulations since January 1st, 2017. As usual, you have direct access to the document from any driver's account, under the page "REGULATION". 




We recommend to all drivers and all teams to fully read this new official regulation, in order to be aware of all changes that apply for this new season.


Besides, for ease of reading, we can list here some of the major evolutions of this new version :



  • SPRINT CUP : a race can now be valid from 6 drivers (instead of 10 previously)
  • DRIVERS' AGE : in the year of age change from 14yo to 15yo, a driver can now choose to race in JUNIOR and/or in SPRINT CUP categories. He/She can also race in ENDURANCE CUP from January 1st of his year of age change
  • A driver can not be a member of more than 5 teams simultaneously
  • The points' scoring system is modified (see details in the whole set of regulations)
  • Sodi World Finals 2018 : a ticket will be granted to the 1st 100% female team of the international ranking


We wish you all a very successful 2017 season with the Sodi World Series !


The SWS Team.