Baku City Karting

Baku City Karting
Baku City Karting - AZ-BAK-02
Baku City Karting
Offizielle Kartbahn
Akademik Əhəd Yaqubov küçəsi 15 AZ1003, Bakı.
Baku ( AZ1003, )
Telefon +994124919191

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14.03.2020Baku City Karting SWS Championship 2020SODI SR5


Baku City Karting is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea and is the largest carding area in our city. The carting road, with a total length of 802 m, is made up of 22 rounds. The longest straight road is 69 m. The main goal of creating the Baku City Carting Center is to develop a culture of car racing in Azerbaijan, to increase the interest in this type of sport and to train local staff for future Formula 1 races. Karting, as one of the most popular and exciting sports, improves driving ability, but also adds great excitement and increases self-esteem. Cars put into operation in the Baku City Carting Center are presented by the French brand number one, SODI KARTS. SODI cards are different from other cards in terms of technical specifications, convenience and modern design. Note that there are 24 cards at the same time on the road. One of the key points in carting is security. The edges of the Baku Citu Karting Road are surrounded by the highest quality barrier system to ensure safety. The rubber particles filled with these barriers and the special ribbon stretched around the bar impede the force of the blow and evenly distribute it throughout the barrier system. In addition, guests will be provided with special hats and fire-resistant combinations. There is also a viewing area and a cafe for the audience. Baku City offers caring machines for both adults and children. And those who are new to driving can use two-seater machines. Baku City Carting regularly organizes competitions for young people to spend their time efficiently. Both young and experienced drivers can participate in carting competitions. These races will have exciting moments for the driver and the audience. The Baku City Carding Center will also provide courses for children to train local staff in the future.
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