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Ukraine, Cherkasy, str. 30 years of Victory 51; str. Cossackaya 9
Cherkasy (18000)
Telefon +380631904703

Ranglisten 2020: Top 10

Geplante Rennen

05.06.2020SWS JUNIOR 2020. 3 raceSODI GT5


Very interesting indoor and outdoor karting centers in Cherkasy Region with Sodi Kart GT5 6.5 horse power engines Honda GX200, and SODI FUNKID GX120. We have a lot of cool and exciting events for our guests:) Every month new configuration of tracks! WELCOME!
ArtLängeBeste Rundenzeit
Outdoor380 Meter0:33:091
Indoor390 Meter0:30:001
SODI GT5 - GX 200cc8

Abgeschlossene Rennen

25.05.2020SWS SPRING CUP 2020SODI GT5 26
25.05.2020SWS SPRING CUP 2020. p2SODI GT5 26
25.05.2020SWS SPRING CUP 2020. p3SODI GT5 26
06.03.2020SWS JUNIOR 2020. 2 raceSODI GT5 10
19.02.2020SWS Light Race#6SODI GT5 14
19.02.2020SWS Light Race#6. р1SODI GT5 14
13.02.2020SWS Endurance 2020#1SODI GT5 10
07.02.2020SWS JUNIOR 2020. 1 raceSODI GT5 10
30.01.2020SWS Light Race#5SODI GT5 21
30.01.2020SWS Light Race#5. р1SODI GT5 21
15.01.2020SWS ANTI olivieSODI GT5 21
15.01.2020SWS ANTI olivie. p1SODI GT5 21
24.12.2019Winter CUP 2019SODI GT5 32
24.12.2019Winter CUP 2019. p1SODI GT5 32
24.12.2019Winter CUP 2019. p2SODI GT5 7
18.12.2019SWS Light Race#4SODI GT5 17
14.11.2019SWS Light Race#4SODI GT5 14
14.11.2019SWS Light Race#4. p1SODI GT5 6
13.11.2019SWS Light Race#3SODI GT5 14
13.11.2019SWS Light Race#3. p1SODI GT5 6
02.11.2019Хобі-картинг. Етап Че...SODI GT5 37
24.10.2019SWS Light Race#2SODI GT5 14
24.10.2019SWS Light Race#2. p1SODI GT5 6
23.10.2019SWS Light RaceSODI GT5 14
23.10.2019SWS Light Race. p1SODI GT5 6
06.07.2019Хобі-картинг. Етап Че...SODI GT5 43
21.06.2019Champions League. Stage 5. ElitGroup Uk...SODI GT5 23
24.05.2019Champions League. Stage 4. ElitGroup Uk...SODI GT5 21
26.04.2019Champions League. Stage 3. ElitGroup Uk...SODI GT5 24
05.04.2019Champions League. Stage 2. ElitGroup Uk...SODI GT5 23
23.03.2019Мартовские КотыSODI GT5 6
01.03.2019Champions League. Stage 1SODI GT5 27
28.12.2018NEW YEAR CUPSODI GT5 6
25.11.2018200 autumn LapsSODI GT5 6