Morac Adventure Park - MY-MOR
Morac Adventure Park

3 Hours of Morac Adventure Park





Endurance CUP

Kart model

SODI SR4 - GX 270cc






4 000,00 MYR


Track typeOutdoor
Length 3 Hours
Preregistered1 / 20
Deadline for preregistration2019-12-05
Ballast weightYes


Provisional Event Programme
Saturday 7th December 2019
1400-1500          Free Practice                                                                                
1520-1540          Qualifying Session (This determines your start position)
1630                   Grid Line up
1700                   Start of 3 Hours Endurance Race
2000                   End of Race
2030                   Prize Giving


1. Overview of Event
The Morac Adventure Park Sodi World Series (SWS) Endurance Race 2019 is an international ranking race event that is held at Morac Adventure Park karting circuit in Langkawi.
All teams participating in the Morac Adventure Park Sodi World Series (SWS) Endurance Races 2019 automatically gain a worldwide ranking in the SWS platform. This race is the start of Morac Adventure Park’s endurance race format. This event is a private event run on a commercial ‘arrive and drive’ basis and open to entry by individuals and corporate groups using leisure karts supplied by the Morac Adventure Park.

2. Included in the Race Fees

  1. Sodi leisure kart fully equipped

  2. 1 set of brand new tyres supplied by the Morac Adventure Park, Langkawi. These tyres will be fitted on the kart before Official Practice and will be used for Qualifying and the race itself. There will be no replacement of tyres for wear except due to damage during Practice which must be paid for by the team.

  3. Fuel for the duration of the event. There will be no fuel stop.

3. Kart Damage or Failure

In case of an incident or mechanical failure on the track, the driver must make his way safely to the pits with the kart where the Morac Technical crew will endeavour to rectify the problem to the best of their ability. If, however, the problem cannot be rectified the driver may opt to continue racing or withdraw. There will be no replacement of kart or any major components. There will be no recovery of any karts broken down on the circuit during the race.
No compensation in time, laps or race fees will be given to teams who experience mechanical failure.

4. Refuelling

All karts will be refuelled by the Organisers prior to the start of the event. All fuel tanks will be filled to the same capacity. There will be no refuelling stop during the whole event.

5. Teams & Drivers

  1. Two (2) Pro drivers will be allowed per team. (A Pro driver is one who has a valid kart or car Competition license. If there are more than two Pro drivers in a team, a handicap penalty of 3 laps will be deducted from the final result. A driver may only drive for one team during the event even if a team or sponsor enters multiple teams.
    Penalty: Exclusion from event

  2. Every Driver from each Team must take part in the Official Practice, and complete at least one Timed Lap. A Timed lap consists of an Out-lap, a Flying Lap(s) and an In-lap.
    Penalty: Start from back of the grid

  3. Teams will not be permitted to employ, hire, or have a member of their team anyone who has previously worked at Morac Adventure Park or has officiated in any Morac Adventure Park events within the last 5 years, either officially or unofficially, to ensure fair play to all other teams.
    Penalty: Exclusion

6. Driver Stint Limitations & Pit Stops

  1. Maximum Driver Stint Time: Driving stints will be limited to 30 minutes as the Maximum Driver Stint Time. A driver can take back to back stints if the total time of the stints are within this time.

  2. Drivers Minimum Rest Time: Once a driver change takes place the driver coming out may undertake a second or subsequent stint, but not until the he has had his minimum rest time. Minimum rest time between stints shall be 15 minutes. Please note that the minimum pit time counts towards the driver’s stint time.

  3. Team Drivers Minimum Driving Time: Minimum Drive Time per driver for each stint shall be 15 minutes.

  4. Driver Change & Pit Stops: Pit stop duration will be timed between the 2 cones at PIT-IN and the 2 cones marking at the end of the PIT-EXIT. It will be the responsibility of each team to monitor their pit stop time. However, the official Pit Stop Duration will be the timing done by the official timekeepers. All driver changes must be done in the Driver Change Zone outside the reception area of the main building. Drivers are required to keep their Driver ID on them at all times and show it at Driver Login and Logout, without their helmet on, for driver verification. There will be a time check at each login and logout and random weight check. In case of an unexpected technical stop, the driver is expected to drive at walking speed in the pit road, with a team member walking in front of the kart. Teams will be allowed to change driver in the Driver Change Zone before proceeding to the Mechanical Pits. All mechanical work will be done by Morac crew in the designated mechanical pit area. It is forbidden for teams to overtake in the pit lane but should a team need to wait at the PIT EXIT to reach the minimum pit time they should pull to the left side of the pit lane before the PIT EXIT and allow other karts to pass.

  5. Speed in Pit Lane: All karts driving between the Pit Entry and Pit Exit cones must do so at walking speed. Karts traveling above walking speed will be penalised.

  6. Pit Lane Closure in the first and last 15 minutes of race: The Pit lane will be closed except for technical problems or penalties for the first and last 15 minutes of the race. This means driver-changes and pit stops must be done before the last 15 minutes of the race and CANNOT be done in the last 15 minutes of the race.

  7. Pit Signals: Only one person is permitted to stand at the pit wall to give signals. After giving the signal to the driver he is to return to the reception area

7. Start Procedure

The start of the race will be a Le Mans start.  All teams are to adhere to the following race start procedure:

  1. When all karts are in formation all kart engines will be started by Morac Adventure Park Pit Crew. No Team Members are permitted on track to hold the kart or push.

  2. Karts will be lined up in a row on the track in front of the pit wall at an angle and the drivers starting the race will stand on the opposite of the track facing their karts.

  3. On the waving of the “Start Flag” the drivers will run to their karts and be seated but must not start accelerating before they are fully seated within the seat with their back in contact with the rear of the seat and both hands on the steering wheel.

  4. No contact/bumping will be allowed at any time during the start and “jockeying” for position and will incur a penalty for “Dangerous Driving”.

8. Kart Ballast

  1. 4 Driver Team

Gross minimum weight for all 4 drivers - 280 kg.

Ballast for every 10 kg short will be 2.5 kg.


  1. 3 Driver Team

Gross minimum weight for all 3 drivers - 210 kg.

Ballast for every 10 kg short will be 3.0 kg.

The weight denominations are Blue 1 x 10 kgs, Red 1 x 5 kgs, whilst the White and Yellow 1 x 2.5 kgs. The team is responsible for looking after and distributing the weights according to the driver weight and stints, and teams cannot take the weights back to the pit garages.

9. Prizes
At the end of the event and when the final results are announced prizes will be distributed to the teams as follows:
            Winner                         RM 10,000
            1st Runner up               RM 5,000
            2nd Runner up              RM 3,000