Piste officielle
Ukraine, Cherkasy, str. 30 years of Victory 51; str. Cossackaya 9
Cherkasy (18000)
Téléphone +380631904703

Classements 2020 : Top 10

Courses programmées

25/05/2020SWS SPRING CUP 2020SODI GT5
25/05/2020SWS SPRING CUP 2020. p2SODI GT5
25/05/2020SWS SPRING CUP 2020. p3SODI GT5
05/06/2020SWS JUNIOR 2020. 3 raceSODI GT5


Very interesting indoor and outdoor karting centers in Cherkasy Region with Sodi Kart GT5 6.5 horse power engines Honda GX200, and SODI FUNKID GX120. We have a lot of cool and exciting events for our guests:) Every month new configuration of tracks! WELCOME!
TypeLongueurMeilleur tour
Outdoor380 Mètres0:33:091
Indoor390 Mètres0:30:001
SODI GT5 - GX 200cc8

Courses terminées

06/03/2020SWS JUNIOR 2020. 2 raceSODI GT5 10
19/02/2020SWS Light Race#6SODI GT5 14
19/02/2020SWS Light Race#6. р1SODI GT5 14
13/02/2020SWS Endurance 2020#1SODI GT5 10
07/02/2020SWS JUNIOR 2020. 1 raceSODI GT5 10
30/01/2020SWS Light Race#5SODI GT5 21
30/01/2020SWS Light Race#5. р1SODI GT5 21
15/01/2020SWS ANTI olivieSODI GT5 21
15/01/2020SWS ANTI olivie. p1SODI GT5 21
24/12/2019Winter CUP 2019SODI GT5 32
24/12/2019Winter CUP 2019. p1SODI GT5 32
24/12/2019Winter CUP 2019. p2SODI GT5 7
18/12/2019SWS Light Race#4SODI GT5 17
14/11/2019SWS Light Race#4SODI GT5 14
14/11/2019SWS Light Race#4. p1SODI GT5 6
13/11/2019SWS Light Race#3SODI GT5 14
13/11/2019SWS Light Race#3. p1SODI GT5 6
02/11/2019Хобі-картинг. Етап Че...SODI GT5 37
24/10/2019SWS Light Race#2SODI GT5 14
24/10/2019SWS Light Race#2. p1SODI GT5 6
23/10/2019SWS Light RaceSODI GT5 14
23/10/2019SWS Light Race. p1SODI GT5 6
06/07/2019Хобі-картинг. Етап Че...SODI GT5 43
21/06/2019Champions League. Stage 5. ElitGroup Uk...SODI GT5 23
24/05/2019Champions League. Stage 4. ElitGroup Uk...SODI GT5 21
26/04/2019Champions League. Stage 3. ElitGroup Uk...SODI GT5 24
05/04/2019Champions League. Stage 2. ElitGroup Uk...SODI GT5 23
23/03/2019Мартовские КотыSODI GT5 6
01/03/2019Champions League. Stage 1SODI GT5 27
28/12/2018NEW YEAR CUPSODI GT5 6
25/11/2018200 autumn LapsSODI GT5 6