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SWS Regulation 2020




As usual, we are pleased to inform you about changes of the 2020 SWS OFFICIAL REGULATION. Those changes will be valid on January 1st, 2020.

Please note, Sodikart has decided to create a new event : Continental Finals.

Sodikart has divided the World in 3 parts. The first event will take place in Europe & Africa Region. It’s a new way for drivers to get a new trophy on their prize list. Obviously, the top 3 winners - 1st/2nd/3rd of each category - will be qualified for the SWS Finals (SWS Finals 2020).

Due to the number of tracks, drivers and teams in Europe & Africa, we have decided to start this new project in Europe & Africa region.

Others Continental Finals should proceed the 2021 Calendar.




  • Possibility to change the track between January, 01st & April, 30th 2020
  • Each Endurance driver can be part of 2 teams (no more). Drivers have to make a choice before March 31th 2020.
  • Endurance Drivers can only change team once a year
  • Points calculation
    • SWS event from 1h – 2h à 10 points
    • SWS event from 22h – 25h à 140 points
    • SWS event + 25h à 160 points


  • Maximum of 6 SWS events / day
    • 5 Sprint / Junior events
    • 1 Endurance event
  • Minimum of 6 days prior to the SWS event, if drivers are preregistered it won’t be possible to change the race format.
  • Results – upload the results (PDF, Picture… No Word)  after each race
    • Junior – Name & Surname of the driver 
    • Sprint – Name & Surname of the driver
    • Endurance – Team + Name & Surname of each drivers
  • Points calculation
    • Event from 2h – 3h à 10 points
    • Event from 22h – 24h à 140 points
    • Event + 25h à 160 points


2/ SWS FINALS – 2021

  • Endurance during the SWS Finals  : number of drivers – will be 4 (mandatory)
  • The Junior Category will be divided in 2 : Junior & Junior Kids. The average weight will be taken into account in the 2 categories.


3/ New - CONTINENTAL FINALS SWS – 2020 - New


  • A minimum of 5 SWS events in the region has to be done before the 30th of June 2020
  • The registrations will be open mid July
  • The first 3 winners of each category will be qualified for the SWS Final 2021
  • The Continental Finals will happen in the last quarter of 2020
  • The name of the track will be confirmed in a near future
  • Number of seats is limited
  • First come, first serve!


We recommend to all track managers, drivers and teams to keep this new regulation for their perusal in order to be aware of all changes that will apply for this season coming.

  • Reminder, the SWS is an international ranking. This ranking allows drivers from any type and level – from beginners to experts. The 3 words are Fair-Play, Friendliness & Driving experience.
  • Thus it is our deep confidence in each Track Managers that allow us to trust everybody strictly respect these regulation all over the world.
  • This year again races have been cancelled by us because they are considered invalid. Any fraud will result in permanent exclusion.

We wish you all an excellent season 2020.


SWS Team