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Official Announcement

Dear Drivers, Dear Teams,


The global health situation surrounding the spread of Covid-19 has deteriorated sharply in recent weeks. WHO (World Health Organisation) has classified the outbreak of the new coronavirus strain (Covid-19) in Wuhan in late December 2019 as a “public health emergency of international concern”.


The virus is spreading around the world and, after China, Italy and then the rest of Europe is becoming a large hotspot. The Middle East is also deeply concerned.


Many sports and cultural events have been cancelled: for example, the F1 GP in China, the Moto GP in Qatar and the Venice Carnival…


The 280 drivers taking part in the SWS Finals come from over 40 countries, which all are already impacted by the virus, with an expected huge expansion in the coming weeks. Given that there are growing concerns for drivers (drivers and accompanying personnel) being able to travel outside of their country, as many countries have imposed travel restrictions, this will affect the Finals.


As you will understand, this is a case of force majeure. For all this reasons, the SWS Finals is postponed to October, 22nd until 24th, hoping that this pandemic will have been eradicated by then.


Since this is a case of force majeure and the event is not cancelled but postponed, drivers and teams fees will be kept and valid for the SWS Finals in October.




3MK Events Team