About the SWS

Sodi W Series
The biggest worldwide go-karts ranking !


Discover a new world with the Sodi W Series and feel the real thrill of a go-kart competition, while having some good fun !

If you are looking for some entertainment, fun and adrenaline, the SWS are made for you.

An easy & free concept !

The Sodi W Series give you the opportunity of seating in a bucket seat and to participate to go-karts races all year long wherever you like within the international SWS tracks' network.

Without any constraints of time, place or gear, on your nearest track or on the most prestigious tracks of the world, have fun on your own or with your friends.

A yearly ranking, enhanced by an international Final

Drive as you feel & win points race after race to improve your position in the championship.

Check your performances on the Sodi World Series website through personalized statistics, allowing you to compare yourself with your friends & with drivers from all over the world !

Open to everyone, the Sodi World Series are a fantastic way of enjoying karting differently, and for the best of you, to get your driver's skills tested on the Sodi World Finals !

Suscribe for free, choose your racing category & put the pedal to the metal !