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SWS FINALS 2019 – World official launch of new rental star : the SODI SPORT



The SWS Finals is now around the corner with a few more weeks to wait until you can see the very best world rental kart drivers compete on the fantastic track of Lignano Circuit in Italy. As the registrations come to an end, we can now ensure that the record of participating nations will – again – be beaten with more than 40 different nationalities represented on this event.


Now let’s see what type of karts these talented drivers will have the chance to drive on…


JUNIOR drivers to enjoy the world’s most reliable KID go-kart


This year 40 JUNIOR drivers from 11 to 15 years old will compete during the SWS Finals. It’s the best occasion to drive the SODI LR5 model, designed and tested for young drivers. Sodikart worked over the years on different ergonomics aspects to ensure a right driving position according to their height and weight. Considered as the most reliable go-kart for kids, the LR5 will be especially geared with a 200cc engine for the occasion, to deliver the greatest sensations on track and decide who will be the Champion this year!



ENDURANCE & SPRINT drivers to enjoy the new SODI track weapon : SODI SPORT 


The competition will be even more exciting for all drivers from adult categories as they will compete on a new kart model, specially launched for the event : the SODI SPORT (More info : HERE).


What a best occasion than an SWS International Final to launch this product? Certainly not as this product is naturally born to fit to top SWS drivers… In fact, SODIKART has accompanied the development of rental karting through the SWS over the past 10 years, and has been able to highlight the need of a new product in between the worlds of rental and racing. The SODI SPORT was born and it simply is the lightest and most efficient rental kart on the planet.



The 40 teams of ENDURANCE CUP Finals will have 12 hours to approve the new chassis of SODI SPORT for a night race on Honda 390cc engines that promises to be very challenging for all teams. Driving quality, racing strategy but also physical condition will decide who will be the very best 2019 SWS team !


SPRINT CUP drivers will also enjoy a very exclusive combo on this year’s SWS Finals : SODI SPORT new chassis & new Helvenco HEC 250cc engine! Easily recognizable with its blue cylinder head and red hoses, the HEC model is the last generation of high performance 4-stroke engine. The Injection system allows to set up the engine between 3 different power setting and the high torque offers a unique driving pleasure and high performance on track. The new Helvenco HEC is simply the most reliable 4-strokes high performance engine on the market ; the cylinder head, valve spring,  clutch drum, conrod and engine bloc material have been designed and selected to benefit a strong and durable engine.



No doubt that the addition of this new engine together with the new SODI SPORT chassis will offer us some amazing racing show on track !


And as always, each go-kart will be produced with unique and limited edition sticker kits... 


The SWS Team.