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The Sodi World Series championship – worldwide biggest leisure karting ranking – starts the 2017 season under the best auspices by the launch of the new internet website. Integrally designed internally by the SODIKART staff (, this new Sodi World Series showcase has been thought to improve significantly the SWS experience to each and every SWS driver around the globe.



Already online, this new website has not gone unnoticed since many drivers already have positively reacted to the new design and features. This new website is totally “web responsive” (self-adaptable interface to any digital support : smartphone, tablet, screens of all sizes) and is modernized thanks to a reworked design and various new features.


« XP Points » and SWS rewards


This great novelty, unique in motorsports, offers a truly new experience to the drivers. On the sidelines of the official SWS ranking, the XP points (experience points) make their appearance. Each driver can now win various virtual rewards at each and every SWS official race, which each offers a certain number of XP points. The XP points’ ranking automatically divides the drivers into categories from “Beginner” level up to the “Legendary” level.



Find all the rewards and various explanations on the dedicated page (, and go on your track to get your next rewards and become a Sodi World Series’ legend!


« Sodi World Finals » page


In order to represent at best the world’s greatest leisure karting event, the pages dedicated to the “Sodi World Finals” have been redesigned and updated with the official rankings since 2011 and the photo galleries of each event. The page of the “2017 Sodi World Finals” will also come online in the coming days.


Navigation & various improvments


Numerous other modifications have been implemented on the SWS website, in order to make navigation easier for each user, but also to automate certain processes and rules of the SWS championship through the system. We invite all drivers to discover these developments during their next visits on


We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this new showcase of the Sodi World Series.


The SWS Team.