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SWS International Finals 2018 - Estimate of national selection quotas


Dear drivers,


With already more than 8 months of competition, the SWS season is in full swing and there is still time to get some more points to qualify for the 2018 SWS International Finals... The month of September is traditionally the occasion to publish a first estimate of the national quotas in order to identify some trends before for the official & final selections which are to be announced at the beginning of 2018.


The 3 categories are very competitive this year, with already over 2.000 SPRINT CUP races, 580 races in JUNIOR CUP and nearly 500 as well in ENDURANCE CUP around the planet. A total of 149 tracks have been organizing races since the start of the season, allowing their drivers to score points and appear in the SWS International Ranking. 


The allocation of national quotas is a representation of the level of competition in each country : the more tracks and the more drivers, the higher the national quota in a country. 




80 drivers will compete in the World Finals, including 16 qualified by the international ranking (men, women & age categories). There will therefore be 64 qualifiers via the national rankings. 




The top-10 international drivers (8 men + 2 women) will qualify directly for the event, leaving 30 places to the best JUNIOR in their countries (11 to 14 years old).




Apart from the 9 best international teams and the best women's team, 30 teams will qualify through their national ranking. 


The following table therefore takes into account the races carried out from 01/01/2017 to 15/09/2017 ; they are therefore provisional and not definitive quotas. The official selection quotas will be known and communicated at the end of the full season, in January 2018.


Similarly, the venue and the dates of the event will be published in the coming weeks... so stay tuned ! 




The SWS Team -